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BBQ Cleanup

April 19, 2018

Finally got around to the great BBQ spring cleanup. A simple enough job, but between illness and the weather, I hadn’t managed it.

Both grills currently have their manky parts in oven shelf cleaning bags, and will be that way overnight; then I need to give them a good hose and scrape. Meanwhile the insides have received a good going over with a steel scraper and a stainless kitchen scourer, and are ready to be vacuumed out.

I have visitors tomorrow, but sometime over the busy weekend, I’ll re-assemble and reprime them both with pellets. I tend to empty the augers over winter, if the grills are not being used, as pellets can swell and jam things up if they get the chance to get damp.

I’ve also got a few new bits to drop into the old Traeger, but that’s another project, which I will talk about when it is done.

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