Welcome to my Food Adventure
To rediscover real food, regain the habit
of cooking from scratch with locally sourced
ingredients, and free myself from the
banality of the supermarket.

How it began.
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And recipes too…

February 7, 2017

Over the last year, I’ve been experimenting with various ways to put my recipes online, mainly for myself, but also with a degree of sharing, if possible.

The main objective was to gather together the hand-written and typed notes, both from my own experiments and various cooking courses I have been on. There was also a degree of gathering recipes from books and the web that particularly pleased or intrigued me into a single place – attributed, of course.

I tried Evernote for a while, but didn’t get anywhere. I have a paid subscription to “My Cookbook Online”, which looked promising until I realised that you can only share recipes with others using “My Cookbook Online”

Tonight I have found a solution in an obvious place. With a free WordPress plugin, I have extended my existing food blog – My Food Adventure – to include recipes. The plugin I am trying (Recipes by Simmer) seems to allow for easy entry of ingredients and instructions – either by keyboard entry, or bulk copy/paste (followed by a tidy up!).

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