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January 15, 2017

Visited Barbecoa at St Pauls yesterday, with friends, and had a really enjoyable meal.

However, Barbecoa is no longer the BBQ-centric restaurant I remember from previous visits, and had recommended to friends. No pulled pork (perhaps they think it is too common, these days), no pigs cheeks, no pit beans, no Barbecoa Burger. No spectacular mixed bread board.

Their main concession to BBQ these days seem to be a spare ribs starter, a wonderful croquette made from the meat from beef short ribs, and the short ribs themselves as the “pit beef” main course. With special mention of the truffled mac and cheese.

Other than that, it was steaks, chops and venison – all really nicely cooked, and tasty as anything; but not quite what I expected. Essentially, the restaurant is now a steak house, with a few BBQ menu items. It is telling that on its website, none of the images are of BBQ items.

A great shame, in my opinion, and although we really did have a very enjoyable meal, I might reconsider my next visit.

A reminder of what the bread selection used to be.

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