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Gousto: Lemon Linguine With Crab

November 9, 2016

Lemon Linguine With CrabI’ve had a couple more Gousto boxes since my last post on the subject. All of the meals have been very nice, but this – Lemon Linguine With Crab – is one of the best I have cooked.

I wasn’t sure of the chilli flakes, but it did a really good job of cutting against the richness of the dish, with the crab and the clotted cream. I might not use quite as much chilli flakes next time, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just looking at the recipe now, I realised that I reached into the fridge, grabbed and chopped a bag of dill, rather than the chives that should have been in the recipe. Tasted absolutely fine, though – dill goes with fish, after all.

Whether the chives I have left will go with tomorrow’s chicken skewers is another matter – I would think so, though.

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