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Ice Cream Fail

July 21, 2016

ice-cream (2)I’ve just made my first bad batch of ice-cream. To be fair, it is not disgusting, it just isn’t quite right.

It happened like this. I am off on travels tomorrow, and I had a tub of double cream in the fridge, waiting to be used. So while I was making my tea, I mixed it up with some milk, sugar and vanilla essence and put it into the ice-cream maker. However, because I was in a hurry, and thinking of other things, I merely stirred the ingrediants, rather than whisking them.

The result – a very light and sweet soft ice-cream, with nodules of frozen (and unsweetened) double cream in it. Both textures and flavours are fine, but the combination made for a bad overall mouth-feel.

I learn by lessons like this, and won’t make the same mistake again. Meanwhile, the rest of the ice-cream is now in the freezer in 3 individual bowls. I won’t let it go to waste – I am sure it will be absolutely splendid, reblended with milk and syrup as a thick milk-shake.

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