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June 28, 2016

I haven’t posted anything here for a couple of months. This doesn’t mean I am not cooking – of course I am – but I haven’t been doing anything interesting or worthy of note.

This is frustrating – I like cooking, and I like spending time in the kitchen, but my activities tend to come in fits and starts, depending on my mood. I frequently say it is a matter of having the time, but I know I waste far more time than I need for simple cooking projects like BBQ and making bread, yoghurt and cheese.

I happened to see this video, prompted by a mention on Jamie Oliver’s Facebook page about Filindeu pasta. I was struck by the fact that the woman was making a really complex pasta on the corner of an old table.

I realised that what holds me back a lot of the time is my compulsion to completely clear a kitchen top to do any kind of work like pastry or dough making. (I am not talking about cleaning, which is a given – I mean moving (and finding room elsewhere for) the usual kit I have on my tops – slow cooker, soup machine, various jars etc.). matWhich turns any job into a chore before you start.

I recently bought myself a silicon mat for these tasks, and I think this may help me revise my idea of how much space I need for a job.

With any luck, it will encourage me to do more interesting cooking in the future

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