3 in 1 Slow Cooker

About a year ago, I upgraded my single-person slow cooker to a 6.5L beastie. I’ve never regretted it, and have been getting good use out of it. Rather than have my little slow cooker on the go almost every day through winter, I can do a big stew, and then refrigerate or freeze portions, for reheating later. Plus, it makes easy work of turning a chicken carcass to stock.

So I didn’t think I needed yet another slow cooker, but when I saw this, I knew I had to have one.


At £39, from T J Hughes, it seemed a bargain. Three independently controlled 2.5 litre slow cookers, in one unit, each with a “slow”, “high” and “warm” setting.

Why do I need it? I don’t. But I could see uses for it – being able to cook meat and vegetables separately, or a stewed desert; using it as warming dishes for BBQ sides, when I have people round; stuff like that.

However, it was rather big. It has lived on my main counter-top for a month, and I have to say it has dominated it. This is the counter I use for making bread and pizza, and while the bread-machine has filled in for me, I haven’t had fresh pizza in a month.

Anyway, I had a plan for this, and it has just been realised. By taking apart my chrome storage trolley, that lives under the kitchen-counter-under-the-stairs, the top shelf and handles are now reversed, which means the triple slow cooker can live on the top shelf of the trolley, and still fit under the counter!

I don’t think I would leave it cooking under the counter, but it is easy to pull it out to use – either partially, if I am only using the end pot, or fully, parked in front of the freezer, if I want to use it all. At the moment, I am going to need to use an extension, but at one point I will add a socket below the counter, as well as the array above it.

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