Broad (Fava) Beans – After The Harvest

I harvested my last broad beans over 3 weeks ago, but have only just cleared the trough for further planting. Remembering to cut all the stems just above ground level, leaving the roots in place. This evening I’ll dig them well in, as they contain lots of valuable nitrogen.

Every year, I grow peas and beans in two of my four troughs, as one of the years crops. This year, trough 3, where my peas were growing, I now have salad greens and carrots. In the newly cleared trough 4, I’ll be planting some onions, leeks and spring onions. Next year, these troughs will be where I plant my brassicas – cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, while the peas and beans will go in troughs number 1 & 2.

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