Breakfast Adventures

This morning, I felt like having a small cooked breakfast. I had some eggs and some black pudding, but didn’t have any sausage.

Now, what I had would have been fine on its own, but as I got the black pudding out of the fridge, I noticed the opened packet of Brussels-style liver pate; and an idea occurred to me.

So into a pan went some oil, brought up to a high heat. Into that went two slices of black pudding and a slice of pate. When the black pudding was crisped on the outside (so the inside was still soft), I deemed the pate to be cooked as well. Those items were put on some kitchen towel to drain, and I cleaned the pan and quickly scrambled an egg.

The result – really quite nice. The pate had a good crust on the outside, but was still soft on the inside, and had lots of flavour. I think I would have preferred a slice of lorne sausage, but it was jolly good, all the same.

Yesterday, for breakfast, I fancied some toast, but the dog was sniffing around, and the grill is at nose-level. So I went for fried bread instead, but fried in my oak-smoked butter. The smokey taste was subtle and very nice; and it occurred to me that this would be an excellent way to prepare croutons.

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