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Moor Farm Meats

June 20, 2014

One of my major failures in trying to source local produce has been finding a good burger. As I like to BBQ, and burgers are the main fodder for my monthly board-gaming sessions (where I feed anything from 8-16 people), this is not an insignificant part of my monthly food spend, and is something that keeps bringing me back to Tescos. Which irritates me every time I fill a basket with them.

I love Grasmere Farm’s produce, their butcher shop in Market Deeping is great, and their sausages fantastic. But their burgers, while decent, are thin delicate things, that break up too easily on the grill. So I have longed to find a good local source of burgers.

About a month ago, I was shopping in a corner shop in Deeping St James – I visit there occasionally, as they are also the local collection point for returning goods to Amazon. I noticed they had some nice looking burgers, and bought a pack. However, because of other things happening, I didn’t have the chance to try them, so they were consigned to the freezer.

This week, I finally defrosted them and tried them, and they were great. Very nicely seasoned, and they are thick quarter-pounder style, rather than thin patty. I fried them off in a pan, and they were really nice – I now need to get some more to try them on the grill, and see how well they take smoke.

So, step up Moor Farm Meats of Newborough. Turns out they have a farm shop not far from here, although I would have never found it without a web search.

They produce their own beef and lamb, and also sell locally sourced pork. They make their own sausages and also sell locally sourced eggs, potatoes, jams, chutneys, apple juice and cakes. Plus, on Saturday mornings they offer a free sausage sandwich to every customer.

Will be checking it out sometime during the next two weeks, and will write more then.

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