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Coffee Flour

April 10, 2014

Coffee flour is an interesting new product, which aims to turn a waste product into a nutritious food source.

Dan Belliveau, a former director of Starbucks and now inventor, founder and chief executive officer of CF Global, has spent a couple of years developing a use for the coffee berry itself, whose edible flesh is largely dumped and wasted after the coffee beans have been removed.

The answer is a coffee flour, of which CF Global intends to manufacture 350,000 pounds in the first year. “Gluten free, the product has three times more iron than spinach, three times more protein per gram than kale, and five times more fiber than whole grain flour.”

I love the fact that this is more or less producing food from nowhere. The berries are being grown already, for the beans. The only cost of manufacture is the collection and processing. Plus it is going to reduce the river dumping of waste; and increase the income of coffee farmers. A definite win-win.

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