Electrolux Favola Coffee Machine

Over the last year, I have considered getting myself a pod coffee system. I don’t drink a lot of coffee – I am a seasoned tea drinker, and dislike instant coffee. However, I do like the occasional cup of expresso, and when working at home, I sometimes neglect myself with regard to drinks if I am too busy to go down to the kitchen to get a brew on. So I thought a small machine in my office would be ideal.

However, I decided that the amount of use I would get out of it couldn’t justify the cost of a machine that met my requirements – I wanted some kind of hot water/steam option, and also the major brand of machine – Nespresso – was off limits due to my continuing boycot of Nestlé. I went through the want/evaluate/forget cycle at least 3 times last year.

favola_brownSo when I saw what appeared to be a half-decent machine in Tesco for 49 quid, I came home to google it. Tesco said it was a 80 pound saving on the recommended retail price of £129, which is true; but most people are already selling it discounted to £99. Still, 50 quid off isn’t bad, and the machine had fairly decent reviews, so I decided that I could finally treat myself.

Which is why I am now caffeinated up to the gills, having experimented with 3 different flavour pods in the space of an hour – all rather good. The Favola uses Lavazza A Modo Mio pods, which are not the most common, but are reasonably easy to obtain, and have a good range from cafe crema to an intense dark expresso. They also seem to be relatively cheap compared to their competitors – with each pod under 25p each. So a lot more expensive than my tea habit, but not terrible, either.

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