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Iron Horse Ranch House

December 23, 2013

Market Deeping’s Iron Horse Ranch House moved to its new larger premises at the start of the month.

I made my first trip there today, and was pleased to see it was buzzing. The entrance is at the side, by the bar – something the previous cafe didn’t have. I was pleased to see real ale there, as well as a range of bottled beers and ciders.

The previous Ranch House was a fairly small cafe in the arcade leading to the Coop supermarket. The new premises are a double shopfront in the main high street – at least 3 times the size of the former place. Many more tables than before, but no longer crowded against each other. It also has all the makings of a decent live music venue.

Sitting down to eat, I was a little puzzled with the menu, as there was no mention of either brisket or pulled pork, which were my regular treats at the old cafe. Having said that, there was a good range of breakfasts, burgers and hot dogs. I asked the waitress about pulled pork, who told me that it was not a regular item, but she would go and check if they had any. Thinking back, I recalled that I had seldom looked at the menu at the old place – I think the BBQ stuff had previously been “specials” on the blackboard.

I was in luck, and had a huge pulled pork sandwich, in an oversized bap. I’m fairly certain that the pork was reheated from either chilled or frozen, but I consider this completely acceptable, provided it is done properly; especially as it wasn’t even on the menu. I usually cook my own pulled pork the day before I have guests, and reheat. What is important is that it was impossible to tell by the taste or texture – it simply tasted like good pulled pork.

At the cash desk, I had a word with the owner, who told me they are currently buying in their smoked meats, but he was setting up his smoker, and planned to be doing his own stuff soon.

One Response to Iron Horse Ranch House

  1. Chris O'Shea on December 23, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Sounds excellent!

    So, I’ll have to go look at your pulled pork recipe now … yum!!

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