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New cooker on its way

September 24, 2013

I’ve got a date for the delivery of my new cooker at last – October 21. Although I have managed with just the microwave and the BBQ, I will be pleased to have a stove in the kitchen again, and perhaps I will start doing some proper cooking again, and provide some content for this blog!

550TSIDOMWIt is a New World 550TSIDOMW – gas hob, double gas ovens, and – unusually – an electric grill, situated in the smaller oven.

It was finding a double gas oven in a 55cm width that delayed my purchase. I wanted double ovens as I cook a lot just for myself, and I think the smaller top oven is more economic and convenient. Also, when I have guests, it means I can cook at two different temperatures.

I had previously ruled this cooker out, as it has a glass lid. Although the gap in my base units is suitable for a 55cm cooker, my wall units have a little bit of trim, which make the gap marginally smaller, and so would interfere with the lid opening. Recently I saw another New World model in a showroom, and saw that the lid was not full width – it was 53cm wide, which was ideal. So I contacted New World and asked if that was also the case with this cooker – it was.

The New World isn’t the “dream cooker” for me – that would have been the Stove brand mini-range I saw, before realising it was dual fuel (a deal-breaker down to both my preference and the electricity supply in the kitchen). However, this one ticks enough of my boxes for me to be pleased.

For those who read of me contemplating a bright red stove, sorry to disappoint, but this one is boring white. In the end, function won over form.

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