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Zoku Pop Maker

September 13, 2013

I love ice lollies, particularly as a quick dessert, so I normally have a selection in the freezer. However, having them there makes it easy to binge on them.

Single_GR_lgSo, about a week ago, I bought a Zoku Pop Maker. Like the cheaper ice-cream makers, it works by being placed in your freezer for a period (recommended 24 hours), then when it is frozen, you simply pour your choice of liquid in to make “pops” or ice lollies. They come in 3 sizes – making 3, 2 or 1 lolly at a time. Having said that, for each “use” (i.e. 24 hours freezing), you can fill it 2-3 times in succession, which means the 3-slot device will make 6-9 lollies, the 2-slot 4-6 lollies, and the single pop 1-3 lollies. Each lolly takes between 7-10 minutes to freeze, depending on the liquid and the length of time it has spent in/out of the freezer.

I bought the single, as I just want to be able to make a single ice lolly when I want it (or two if I have a visitor).

When I got it, I joked on Facebook about being told “freeze for 24 hours” in order to make a “quick” pop. Some people see that as a big flaw, but my Zoku simply lives in my top freezer drawer now, waiting to be used.

The great thing is that when I want a lolly, I can decide then and there what I want. Do I use fresh orange juice, or diluted lime cordial? Or home made fruit smoothy? Anything that is liquid and contains sugars is usable, including yoghurt, it seems. Diet drinks don’t work very well, as you need some sugar for the freezing to work properly.

Anyway, I have had it for a week, and I am loving it. The lollies it is makeing are extremely nice and flavorsome, and making them is easy as child’s play. The way I am using it – to make a single lolly at a time – means that it is actually ready to use again about 6 hours later, provided I put it straight back in the freezer after use. This means I still sometimes get two ice lollies in a single day. But because I can choose the ingredients, and the lollies themselves are quite small (smaller than the average rocker lolly), I don’t feel bad about that.

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