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of cooking from scratch with locally sourced
ingredients, and free myself from the
banality of the supermarket.

How it began.
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Garden Invaders II

August 29, 2013

IMG_0118I mentioned that the plants I had been considering weeds turned out to be tomatoes seeded via my wormery. I was right, and I now have tomatoes!

IMG_0120As I commented before, these will almost certainly not grow true to the tomatoes they came from, but that is fairly irrelevent. We’ll see what they taste like when they ripen.

Continuing with the chaotic trend with my non-gardening gardening this year, the carrots that I have failed to thin properly are far denser than any of the gardening literature would suggest.

Despite that, I am getting wonderful carrots. When I pick them, I am doing so evenly over the patch, so I guess that is thinning them, after a fashion.

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