I was in Peterborough today, so I popped into Sundays, on Cumbergate, just outside the Queensgate shopping centre. It is a cafe, and nothing fancy, but I quite like it there.

They serve a variety of foods, but their speciality is “Sunday Lunch – every day of the week”. On offer is usually a choice of roast beef, pork or turkey. You can order it with all the trimmings, roast potatoes, vegetables, plus stuffing and/or yorkshire – a true Sunday roast dinner, and excellent sized portions.

Or – as I usually prefer – you can have meat from the carvery served in a roll. Three sizes of roll, small, medium or large – one day I must order the large, just to see how big it is; suffice to say, I have an appetite, and a medium is more than enough for me.

In the roll, you have a choice of meat, plus – as before – a choice of stuffing or yorkshire, plus gravy. Today, I had a beef roll, with horseradish, and an individual yorkshire pudding squashed under the top half of roll. The meat is always flavoursome and plentiful, and the bread is fresh. The amazing thing is my lunch, with a large (and very decent) cup of tea, came to just over 5 quid – I could have paid more in MacDonalds, and not have nearly as satisfying a meal.

Sundays also do all-day breakfasts, pies, and a nice selection of traditional puddings. But the real draw is Sunday lunch, on a Friday.

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