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To rediscover real food, regain the habit
of cooking from scratch with locally sourced
ingredients, and free myself from the
banality of the supermarket.

How it began.
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A Brief Relapse

March 22, 2013

I’ve been somewhat busy the last couple of weeks, including some travel for work. However, with regard to food at home, I’ve been continuing to cook from food from my vegetable box and the local butchers. Without the trips to the supermarket, my cupboards have also run empty of biscuits and snacks, but what with cooking real meals, I can’t say that I’ve missed them.

However, I made a trip to Tescos last night, as I needed to stock up on things like washing-up liquid, laundry supplies and milk. Also, I had some vouchers that needed to be cashed.

Such lack of willpower, I came out of the store with a quick meal for my tea (a favourite of mine – a ready-cooked paella), some pate, smoked salmon, and some biscuits to keep in the cupboard for when I had friends round.

The paella was very nice, but not half as satisfying as the meals I have been cooking from scratch. As a result, the biscuits are no more.

I think that proves my point!

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