The Beginnings of a Plan

They say a man needs a plan, so as much for my benefit then anyone else, I thought I would start off with a quick analysis of where I am already, with regards to where I buy stuff from, concentrating on independent sources in the local (Peterborough/South Kesteven) area. Then we can see in the comming months what progress I make.

Thanks to for their grocery categories, which I borrowed and adapted.

Bread: Home bake – other than laziness, there is no need for me to be buying shop-bought bread, unless it is something spectacular. Will still resort to Tescos or the local cooperative for burger rolls when cooking for large groups; until I have alternate plans.

Beverages: Need to shop around. I have a liking for Co-op’s fair trade tea, but I am sure I’ll get used to something else.

Tinned Goods: No plan yet. Don’t use a lot of tins or jars, with the exception of baked beans and tinned tomatoes. Will need to find a good source of peanut butter, to which I am addicted.

Dairy: Eggs and cheese are no problem – I have already found a number of farm shops that stock stuff I like. Milk and butter is another issue. I prefer goats milk, but that isn’t so common, outside supermarkets. However, I have a couple of possibilities. For now, this will be purchased from Tescos/Co-op.

Dry/Baking Goods: I have already found one excellent local independent source for cereals, flour and sugar. Pasta is something I will need to look out for – although I have made my own fresh pasta, having dried pasta in the house is always handy. On the other hand, for noodles and stuff, there is an excellent oriental supermarket in Peterborough.

Frozen Foods: Half of the veg in my freezer is already from my own garden, or excess from my vegetable box; so there is no need for me to buy any. Pies and readymeals for quick dinners are easy enough to home-cook and freeze. I have done this before, and just need to be organised. Plus I have found an excellent source of hand-made frozen meat pies at a local farm shop.

Frozen Deserts: Similarly I can cook and freeze fresh fruit/pies. I have my own ice-cream maker, and have made it before, with good success.

Fresh Meat: The town butcher is run by local Grasmere Farm, and is excellent. Plus I have a couple more interesting leads to explore.

Fresh Fruit & Veg I am happy to continue with my vegetable box from Riverford Organic Farms, where much of the produce comes from local farms, with few food miles. Plus local farm shops for unplanned requirements, and my own garden, when it is productive.

Cleaning products/Paper Goods/Personal Care/Other Non-Foods: For these, I am going to continue using the local supermarkets. This is supposed to be an adventure, not a chore; furthermore I need somewhere to use up my “points” earned from petrol purchases!

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